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May 15th 2018
Many ask how do you become successful? Well you certainly have to have goals to pursuit, right? Without goals it is nothing to be accomplished, because you do not know where to go. At the same time one of the biggest mistakes people make once they set up a goal is they make it too big, too long term and before they get there, you see that there are so many barriers and give up. 

My suggestion is never set up a big goal, or at least at the beginning of your journey. Set up tiny short terms goals, wherever they are. The best way is always to start from the end. So whatever your ultimate goal is. Break it down in to near term goals. So you have a letter to walk up to get your short terms goals. And make your short terms goals very short even when it comes to your day. For example instead of setting goals for a month, start with today and then for a week and build up to a month. 

Most people fail because they can not follow their set goals, they can not continue pursuing them, they lose the drive. You have to train yourself. And to train yourself the easiest and the best and the most practical way to train yourself is to follow up on your decisions and to follow on your goals and to achieve the goals step by step - that is done with simple short terms goals. 

Going from one goal to another and by accomplishing them you will not only build up the stamina also your confidence because it will show you what you really can do. This is really how you accomplish success, this is really how you accomplish something really big. 

Take it step by step, just like everything else in life. There is no greatness that has ever been achieved by anyone through one step or one approach. It is always a combination of small things, that make a huge difference that bring you to ultimate success to the ultimate life you really want to live.

May 8th 2018
So whenever we are trying to make a decision - whether we should or should not do something. Whether we should buy something or not buy. Whether we should go somewhere or not. It is always a smart idea to ask others? And the more people you ask - the better because you start learning on your own experience and on your own mistakes. 

It is always best to learn from mistakes of others and get benefits from it. This is certainly something I always teach, I always recommend, suggesting before engaging into anything. Whatever you end result is you should always start at the door step of success. Because most people once again start from the wrong point and this is one of those situations. So you should ask, you should talk to many people as possible as far as your desire or destination. Whatever it is. Where to live, where to buy, where to go, where to work and then make your decision.

It is an important point that we all need to keep in mind, asking about situations that others are in themselves. Whether about the job, profession, schools their children were going to, neighbors where they live in. But always keep in mind that people say things to impress others, to make them seem like they are better than they really are. And in reality this is what they fool themselves into believing. It makes them feel better about their own situation. 

So we have to be very careful here and to deal with this by speaking with as many people as possible and second - whenever you get into situation when somebody mentions something negative, you should come back to somebody else and ask about that particular situation to verify. Also, when you ask about particular negative element of certain situation - people will be much more open and tell you the truth. Otherwise i find it very interesting that when people talk about their neighborhood it is usually the greatest place in the world but once they move out they start trashing it. So you have to keep these things in mind when you are talking to people. You have to have these filters and these investigating approaches. And in this way you will save a lot of time and lot of trouble.

 Not to ask is the mistake but simply to ask and just follow it is also mistake!

Core flaws vs Surface flaws
May 1ST 2018
Yes problems are blessings. This is how we develop, grow, become smarter, wiser, more experienced and learn from them of course. Nevertheless we should always do everything possible to prevent problems from happening in the first place. It can directly contribute in our quality of our life. So the question is what can we do to prevent problems? And this is one of those conversations which I want to have with you. I want to address situation when you are dealing with other people, with your colleagues, friends, employees, etc.

A priceless lesson that i`ve learned over my lifetime is that whatever problems arise, it could be a character personality problem at the beginning of the work relationship or when you just start dealing with a new person, you just hire a person, you just start working. Something happens and then we make excuses; maybe it’s a personality problem, maybe there was a misunderstanding and I just need to provide information, maybe it’s the work environment, or something else had to be done but not finished or they didn’t mean to be rude.  

What is our intuitive approach of this situation? The intuitive approach is usually - they did not know, they were too embarrassed to ask for help, they just started work, they are just not sure. The reality of this is I have yet to see when these type of fundamental problems were not a warning signs but because our intuition is to find these common excuses, we miss the bigger issues and they are very different from informational problems and trying to fix them usually ends up being a futile effort.

For example, a person made a mistake because they did not know, so you provide information but the real issue is not that they did not know but that they did not ask and that is the real issue and an alarm should be ringing in your mind. The intuitive approach is to try to fix it. Right? Just make sure the fix is addressing the core issue and not the surface issue.

Bottom line, in my lifetime, and i always share with my experience. I have yet to see a single example when you discover these personality flaws and they were able to be fixed because the fix was addressing just the surface without addressing the real core.

Personality is personality. No matter what it is and how it is. So what i'm saying at the end of the day is if you have an opportunity and especially in the business environment, work environment but certainly in personal environment. If you have an opportunity to stop the relationship with that point or at least be prepared for ongoing repeating set of problems of this nature - act because I am telling you that somebody who displays this type of fundamental issues - you can explain it to them over and over again. No matter how much time you will spend, how much effort you will put in teaching, explaining, explaining why it should not be done the core fundamental thing will not change.

So lets go back to the topic of preventing problems. If there is an opportunity i would just immediately, as soon as you see signs of it, if I have a choice, I would simply replace an individual or change the way and nature of tasks I let this person handle, whatever it is. And if it is personal relations - be prepared. If you would like to continue the relationship - just be ready and do not be surprised, do not be frustrated. You know our expectations are a big deal when ever we deal with any one on any level. You know if you set your expectations on a certain level, you always be frustrated, you always be depressed. You always be suffering.
Be ready when it happens at least to not get frustrated, do not be surprised. And wherever possible just address it in a way it makes sense under the circle but again be ready for repeating behavior..because I could guarantee to you in vast majority of cases that it is going to happen.