Counterintuitive Intelligence Amplifiers™ (CIA)
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Counterintuitive Intelligence Amplifiers™ (CIA)
“If you're doing what everybody else is doing, and following intuition and common sense, then you are not achieving your real goals and dreams, and whatever you do achieve takes too long and too much effort! Would you like to discover a Counterintuitive Intelligence Amplifiers™ (CIA) that will drastically change the game?" 

- Steven Melnik, Founder of the CIA Life Amplified System™
CIA Life Amplified System™
  •  A practical system that guides you towards a successful outcome in any life situation. 
  •  A proven, ready for immediate use approach that has already benefited tens of thousands of people around the world.  
  •  Shared by someone who attained verifiable success in his own life, personal and professional (and not merely by teaching others how to succeed!). 
  •  Not like many other programs that give you a fleeting sense of excitement but lack practical guidance. 
  •  Gain lasting well-being and happiness. Achieve the life you really want.
"...I wanted to send a very special thank you for inviting Steven Melnik to speak with us. It was a great honor and privilege to be a part of the very small audience that was gifted with his professional knowledge and valuable advice. I worked for many years in Corporate America before starting my career in Real Estate. During that time, I was fortunate to experience many keynote speakers such as Suze Orman, Bill Gates and Colin Powell, just to name a few." 


"Steve, you really are the epitome of doing all the things to make a happy life."
"It was very inspirational... I just feel a bit more helpful about the future
"What we learned today, these are the things that are relevant, that are going to stay with us for the rest of our lives."
"It is practical, this is not generic, this is very specific and something you do not expect to hear. It is based on practical applicability."
Steven With United States 
Congressman Gregory Meeks
Steven At Gracie Mansion With Mayor Bill de Blasio and His Wife Chirlane McCray
Steven was Keynote Speaker In Nevada For 
The First U.S. Asian Culture Day 2018 
With Senator Scott Hammond

About Steven


I grew up in the former Soviet Union. We had very little there, and I remember always being worried if we would have food the next day.

During the stormy days of the collapse of the Soviet Union, I came to the United States as a refuge with my mother. We had two suitcases, $100 in our pockets and basically no English. My father had died, and I wish no one will ever have a similar experience, as we did, of the years prior to his death, the manner of his death and the impact all of this had on our lives from the moment I was born...Read more

Graduated college top of the class, a CPA, doctorate and post-doctorate degrees, a licensed attorney.

A uniquely successful career at the world’s largest consulting firm. Made the first million dollars shortly after finishing college. Visiting overseas clients on a private jet.

Developed a successful real estate investment portfolio. An advisor to the United States government Department of Treasury’s subgroup. Started and grew local and national businesses and a law firm...Read more

How is it possible to achieve all that I have achieved, so fast, in such completely different and unrelated areas; and to do so consistently, time after time, over and over again in completely different and unrelated fields and areas of life - how is this possible, especially given my starting point? See some examples of how I applied Life Amplifiers through out my life

It was not about being smart or working hard. There are plenty of smart hardworking people that we all know. However, most of them never get to live the life they really want, despite what it may appear from the outside. Was it a pure luck on my part? Over and over again, time after time, place after place, regardless of what I decided to do, to accomplish, to pursue? No, obviously, it was not.

So, how did I do it?...Read more
Am I the only one who could benefit from the CIA Life Amplified System™? For the past decade I have been sharing my CIA Life Amplifiers™ with others to help them also live the life they really want.

Don't Take my word for it, click here to see testimonials from those who have already benefited from it. 
Let me share my CIA Life Amplified System™ with you!
- Steven V. Melnik
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